Despite being born and raised in a city, the boreal forests of the north are my happy place and where my soul is calm.  My parents instilled an early love of the Canadian wilderness - camping, fishing, and experiencing the wonders of the boreal. This strong foundation guided me to pursue that passion as a career, and 20+ years later I am still a practicing professional biologist fortunate to spend my days studying and understanding Canada's plants and animals. I have been able to live and work in Ontario, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and the NWT and Nunavut, and with each new location, an opportunity to explore botanicals and their therapeutic benefits. From my second home on Wekusko Lake Manitoba, I have begun gathering and formulating the plants I love into all natural and healing skincare. I take immense pride in bringing these products to you, with ethical and environmentally sustainable ingredients and packaging. My goal is to create amazing natural products that feed your skin as much as they do your connection to the land - wherever that may be.      Enjoy!

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