Small batch artisinal skincare formulations using carefully selected boreal plant materials hand-gathered with respect from the pristine shores of Wekusko Lake in northern Manitoba Canada.  This premium product line is 100% all-natural and crafted using the highest quality organic ingredients in combination with therapeutic botanicals, mindfully harvested and prepared to ensure potency and protection of valuable forest resources.

These products are designed to naturally improve, support, and protect your skin by harnessing botanical actives found within the boreal forest.


NO mineral or petroleum oils - parabens or synthetic preservatives - artificial color or fragrance - essential oils - chemicals

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Details provided in on this website and product listings are for information purposes only and are not intended to diagnose, prescribe or replace the advice of medical professionals. It is the responsibility of the individual, including pregnant or nursing women, to check with a professional healthcare provider before using any products that may interfere with prescribed medications or health conditions. Wekusko Wild accepts no responsibility for incorrect use of information or products. Products including ingredients have been filed with Health Canada to satisfy cosmetic notification requirements. As with any skincare product, these natural formulas are used at your own risk and Wekusko Wild holds no liability or responsibility for allergic or adverse reactions that may occur from use. Ingredients are included on product listings as well as packaging and it is the responsibility of the individual to read those ingredients and perform a skin patch test if allergies may be possible.  Due to the all-nautral ingredients of Wekusko Wild products you may find variation in color and aroma from batch to batch, as the botanicals used can vary by location and time of year. Packaging can include glass or metal among other materials, which may break with misuse and create sharp edges as well as small pieces that could be harmful if handled or swallowed - Wekusko Wild is not liable for damages or injury occurring from packaging or contents. All products are intended for external human use only, with exception to 4-paws which is for dogs only as ingredients may be toxic to cats or other pets. Wekusko Wild is not liable for injury or illness resulting from consumption of products or inappropriate use such as application to eyes or mucous membranes. All attempts are made to protect products from mold, yeast or bacteria with the use of all-natural ECOCERT preservatives, however, Wekusko Wild has no control over contamination that occurs after purchase or use after extended periods of time beyond 12 months after opening.

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