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Below are pieces I have created, and some are available. I do not maintain an inventory as items sell quickly after I make them.  I can re-create these items or craft something entirely different.  Select photos to get information on materials, pricing and availability.

my pricing

My prices are a combination of actual material costs and a reasonable hourly wage for my time.  Nothing more.


If you have seen a similar item elsewhere, ask yourself:


Is the workmanship and style the same?

Do they know where their materials come from?  

Are the materials ethical, sustainably sourced or natural?

Are they undercutting other makers by mass-producing and not paying themselves appropriately?


If you want cheap and quick, sadly, you will find many craftspeople that can sell you their pieces.  If you want lasting quality, and an item that was created with care and consideration to the origin and processing of materials, then you will see the value in choosing Mossy Bee.  

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Regina  SK  CANADA

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